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01. Wish Mold Ltd. is a HK company or a Chinese company?
---HongKong WishMold Industrial CO., LTD. is a company which registers in HK and has an office & the bank account in HK.Shenzhen Fine Star Technology Co., Ltd. is a company which registers in China mailand. Its main business,such as production,sales,etc, is done in China mainland.

02. How about the size & the production capacity of Wish Mold Ltd.?
---Wish Mold Ltd. was founded in 2002 which is about 7500 square meter & has 120 employees currently.There are 20 sets of injection moulding machines in the workshop.The production capacity for the mold is about 20 sets/month and the annual turnover is 2.5M - 3M USD.

03. What type of molds Wish Mold Ltd. can manufacture?
---Wish Mold Ltd. mainly manufactures plastic injection molds,die casting molds(aluminium alloy mold, zinc alloy mold) & rubber molds for a variety of products.

04. Does Wish Mold Ltd. supply the mold manufacture & also plastic injection molding for the customer?
---Yes.Depending on the requirements of the customer,Wish Mold Ltd. can only do mold manufacture and plastic injection moulding be done in the customer’s own place, or both services(mold making & plastic injection moulding) will be provided to the customer.

05. Does Wish Mold Ltd. make spare parts for the customer?
---Yes, if the customer requests. Wish Mold Ltd. can also do precision machining for cavity, core, slide, insert, etc.

06. What's the information needed for quotation?
--- The information needed are as follows:
a. CAD data (2D or 3D) or product sample
b. Requirements of product and mold (product material & quantity, No. of mold cavity, gate and runner type, steel specification, etc.)
In a word, the more detailed information of product and mold the customer supplies, the more exact price Wish Mold Ltd. quotes.

07. What type of CAD files Wish Mold Ltd. can accept?
---With CAD systems used by Wish Mold Ltd., it can accept as follows:
2D: .pdf; .dxf; .dwg and others.
3D: .iges, .prt; .stp, .x_t and others.

08. Generally,what's the payment term available for Wish Mold Ltd.?
---Mold: 50% deposit with purchase order/contract, 30% after approval of T1 samples, 20% before delivery all.
Part: 50% deposit with purchase order/contract, 50% before delivery all.

09. Can Wish Mold Ltd. guaranty that my idea and product will be sufficiently protected?
---Yes. Wish Mold Ltd. will sign a non-disclosure agreement before you send any data if it has to do protection of your idea and all of other information.

10. Does Wish Mold Ltd. build hot-runner molds?
---Yes. Wish Mold Ltd. has experience in many kinds of systems,such as MoldMaster, DME, Husky, Yudo, Hasco, etc.The manifold used to the tool is selected to meet the customer's requirements.

11. Which standard does Wish Mold Ltd. use, Metric or English?
---Both are OK. The standard will be used by the customer's request.

12. Where does Wish Mold Ltd. buy the moldbase?
---The moldbase used in Wish Mold Ltd. is mainly from DME, HASCO, FUTABA, LKM, Ming-Lee, etc.

13. What type of steel will be used?
---The quality of steel is one of the most important factors while building a mould. There will be a longer tooling life with harder steel. For pre-hardened steel, that ranges 28-38 HRC; For hardened steel,48-52HRC. The most common steels are AISI (international standard) P20, 420, and H13 for the inserts of core and cavity.

14. Can Wish Mold Ltd. provide the steel certificate and heat-treatment certificate?
---Yes, it can. The steel supplier and heat-treatment factory will provide the certificates.

15. What kind of finishing will be used on the part surface?
---It usually requires to do polishing or texturing for the surface of parts.Wish Mold Ltd. will provide texture samples similar to Mold-Tech textures for the customer’s selection. Level of polish finishing must be specified. Mirror or optical finishing are in high cost as they are time-consuming. Wish Mold Ltd. needs the finishing specification from the customer while quoting.

16. What about Mold Design Drawings?
---The more important is that while making the tool design, a detailed part drawing is required.
Wish Mold Ltd. will provide the tool design to the customer for approval within 5 working days after receipt of the order except complex products. The mold drawings are complementary data for the customer's engineering and documentary data.
The test shot date is based on the date of approval of mold drawings. ISO registration in Wish Mold Ltd. requires the customer to approve mold drawings prior to cutting the steel in order to avoid any misunderstandings with the customer.

17. What's the leadtime for an injection mold?
---That depends on the product size and complexity of mould construction. For middle-size molds, it's normally about 30 days. Leadtime quoted by Wish Mold Ltd. is calendar days from the date of approval of 2D and 3D design to the date of T1 sampling.

18. How can the customer know the process of mold building?
---The tool building will begin after the approval of tool designs. At this time, Wish Mold Ltd. will send the estimated schedule of mold manufacture to the customer. After then, the weekly report with actual process & pictures will be sent at the end of each week such that the customer can know and watch the whole process of mold manufacture completely.

19. What's life of molds made by Wish Mold Ltd.?
---That mostly depends on the type of tooling steel used, the precision of tooling building & tooling maintenance during production.
Generally speaking,without any problems happened during moulding, plastic injection molds can do 100 000 -1 000 000 shots and die casting molds 50 000 -100 000 shots. Wish Mold Ltd. always guaranty the mold life.

20. What about Test Shot in Wish Mold Ltd.?
---10 pcs of samples made of general material without color will be sent free of charge by Wish Mold Ltd..
A quick response from the customer for conditional approval and/or changes about the samples before the final test shot is required by Wish Mold Ltd. Any delay in responding will delay the mold schedule. It's a common practice to do polishing, texturing or improvement for final test shot in 1 or 2 weeks after receipt of the customer's comments for the first samples. In addition, if the special & rare material or color shall be used on the customer's requests, the customer shall provide it to Wish Mold Ltd. before the date of first test shot and it will be quoted based on this exception. Most materials or colors are available in China, however, there will be an exception.

21. How will Wish Mold Ltd. pack molds?
---For mold exportation, Wish Mold Ltd. will pack the molds strictly according to the standard of export regulation. And the customer can select to ship by sea or by air.

22. How can I get After-Sale Service from Wish Mold Ltd.?
---If there was a problem that has to be serviced under the warranty & the obligation, Wish Mold Ltd. will assign the engineers who can make necessary corrections or repaires. On the customer's request, a change on the mold has to be done, the necessary preparations will be done in Wish Mold Ltd.'s factory and the necessary parts will be sent to the customer for changed in his own place. And Wish Mold Ltd. will offer 1 set of damageable spare parts free of charge.

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