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Design Engineering

The design is the foundation of the product.Our experienced engineers will use CAE/CAD to make your dream come true,We are the most suitable midwife of your great ideas!

We can also put out a complete 2D and 3D mold blueprint according to the products provided by our customers.

All of our tools are constructed to rigid DME and Hasco mold standards.We utilize only high-grade mold steels from companies such as Uddeholm and International mold steel(P20,H13,2344,420,S-7,718H,S136,etc).For the hot runner system,we use MoldMaster,DME, Husky,Yudo,etc.

We accept IGES,DXF,DWG,STP,X_T,PRT format files.

Mold Making

Once the customer confirms our mold designing or provides us a designed mold,our workshop provides all kinds of technology and techniques for the whole processing required,including rough processing,half processing and precise processing.The mold will be completed,respectively according to your requirements on the mold materials,structures,equipment and delivering time.These procedures include Lathe,Milling,Drill,Grinding,EDM,EDM Wire Cutting,CNC,Heat treatment and Mold Finish.Each procedure in the whole process will be filed in a record card and be put through a quality-control section to assure good quality and on time delivery,and consequently the smooth assembly of the molds.In the ultimate procedure,we will mail the qualified sample which has passed the tool trial along with the improved mold to the clients.

In addition,we supply components with DME and Hasco standard to meet the clients requirements to mold interchange,quality and delivery.

We can build molds which being dimensioned within 1.5M and being weighed less than 10T.

Precision Machining

We also make all kinds of electrode and precision inserts from provided drawing, whether molded in or fixed in after molding.With the highly trained molding engineers,operators, technicians and designers' thorough understanding of mold building and capability,the inserts we make could reach +/-.002mm tolerance,which will fit in with your mold perfectly to assure high reliability and smooth running production,as well as to save lots of your time and cost.

The inserts request high precision tooling for all process so that We commit to ISO9000 quality standard With a high-speed CNC machining centers and a state-of-the-art electronic discharge machining (EDM) centers.We commit to ISO9000 quality standard. Through each aspect of your project,we take specific steps to fulfill your precise needs.Each task is handled on-site in our plant to ensure total control and responsibility for the delivery and quality of your tooling.

Injection Molding & Production

Wish Mold process a full range of plastic injection molded parts for many industries such as the interior accessories for automobiles,family electronic appliances,sports leisure,linker,communication equipments.

We can offer a variety of materials and finishes to suit your project needs and budget and can use these models to check fit,appearance and basic function of your product,that is PVC PC PBT POM PU ABS PC+ABS PA66 PA66+30%G TPE etc.Moreover,we ensure thorough quality control for all molded parts and on time delivery to exceed our customer's expectations.

We can provide scope of note the plastic injection mold parts is a 5-2000g, Injection molding machine ability 50-1000 Tons.

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